Apple Announces New Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE

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Apple Watch Series 6 And Watch SE an upgrade to existing collection of Apple watches with all new powerful features and beautiful design at an affordable price.

Apple watch has been evolving for past few years, like the traditional watches it does show us the time but also helps us in our day to day life with incredible features like showing weather condition, getting all the important messages, news alert, keeping up users their on schedule, keeping track of user workouts which motivates them to achieve their goals (or to close their rings), controlling the home environment (like unlocking the door, switching the lights on or off, stream your favorite music.), heart monitoring, cycle tracking, fall detection, measuring heart rate on ECG,

Inside Series 6
What’s next?

WatchOS7 packs many more health features:

Sleep app uses the motion sensors to track your sleep.

Automatic hand washing detection recognizes the motion and sound when washing hands and encourages you to do it for the recommended 20 seconds

VO2 Max Values – uses the motion and heart rate to measure a lower range of VO2 Max values and it also notifies when your VO2 Max drops to those lower level.

Blood Oxygen Sensor
The Blood Oxygen App

Series 6 lets you measure your Blood Oxygen for fitness and wellness purposes from your wrist anywhere and at any time. Embedded with new health sensor that enables this amazing new capability.

Health sensor behind the watch shines red and infrared light onto your wrist and measures the amount of light reflected back. Advanced algorithms use this data to calculate the color of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen present. And with the help of new Blood Oxygen app you can take a measurement in just 15 seconds. Series 6 can also capture periodic background readings and stores them in your Health App. So if you sleep with your watch on it can record background measurements too.

Solo Bands
New Watch Colors
With a beautiful design Series 6 lines up with more colors.
Watch faces
Beautiful Watch Faces

Specialized watch faces to meet specific requirements of user.

braided solo band
Solo Loop Bands

Solo Loop Bands –Unlike other watches, Solo Loop bands doesn’t have a clasp or a buckle and it can fit on different wrist sizes. Crafted from custom silicone liquid and stretchable for easily slipping on and off your wrist.

With the great looks the solo loop is durable and swim proof, so it can go anywhere. Available in a range of sizes to find your most comfortable fit and out in 7 different colors.

Braided Solo Loop Bands – Crafted from 100% recycled yarn and scrupulously braided with ultrathin silicone threads, and available in five different colors.

New Leather Link with no loop-back or clasp of any kind.

Great new updates for Apple Watch Nike with new sport band, sport loop colors and new Nike watch face.

Apple watch Hermes – New Attelage band in both single tour and double tour.

Family Setup, now connect with your loved one who don’t even have an iPhone.

With Family Setup, you can use your iPhone to pair watches for your children or older members in your household who don’t have their own phones.

Firstly, all the Apple Watch (Cellular model of Apple watch series 4 and later only) owners can have their own phone number and account. These Apple watch can be paired with the parents/guardians iPhone where they can select which contact their kids can communicate with when using messages and more. They can also set up for automatic location notification to know the exact location of their child. 

Kids can also use their watch to track Move minutes and workout in a way that works best for them. Memoji can be created with just their watch and can share it as stickers in messages or in the new Memoji watch face. Schooltime mode will help the children stay focused with Do Not Disturb, restricted interaction and this distinctive look which teachers or parents can recognize at a glance.

Affordable yet powerful Apple Watch SE with elements of Series 6 design and most essential features of Apple Watch.

Watch SE is powered by S5 chip which is up to 2x faster performance than Series 3 and has everything you need to stay connected, be more active and keep an eye on your health. It uses the largest and most advanced watch display like Series 6 allowing us to see more information at a glance for all the apps. Cellular model allows users to make phone calls, send messages and more, even without the phone.

watch SE

Apple Watch Series 6 is priced at $399 & Apple Watch SE is priced at $279, with Apple card Financing you can pay for watch in easy instalments for 24 months.

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