PlayStation 5

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PlayStation 5 is priced at $499 and Digital version is at only $399.

PS5 Hardware Specifications


Powered by a semi-custom 7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU with eight cores running at a variable frequency capped at 3.5 GHz


The GPU is also a semi-custom unit based on AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture. It has 36 compute units running at a variable frequency capped at 2.23 GHz and is capable of 10.28 teraflops. Custom AMD GPU capable of ray tracing, support for 4K resolution displays and high framerates, new audio hardware for real-time 3D audio effects, and backward compatibility with most PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games.

Storage Drive

The internal storage of the PlayStation 5 is a custom-built 825GB SSD with a 12-channel interface, achieving a raw throughput of 5.5GB/s which improves the overall Graphical Performance.


16 GB of GDDR6 SDRAM with a bandwidth of 448 GB/s.


The console will feature support for Bluetooth 5.1 and 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6).

Storage Expansion options

Solid-state storage for games is expandable through an NVM Express (NVMe) M.2 port, while additional HDD storage can be added through USB-compatible drives

Optical Drive

The console includes a 4K-compatible Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive.

DualSense Controller

The DualSense controller has adaptive triggers with haptic feedback that can change the resistance to the player as necessary, supporting an experience such as virtually drawing an arrow from a bow.

Improved controller speaker.

A new built-in microphone array was added so players can speak to others using only the controller

Two-tone coloring, primarily white with black facing.



Dual Sense Controller charging station

The Pulse 3D is a wireless headset made to take advantage of the console’s 3D audio technology.

New HD Camera

A Media Remote Control

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