Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

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We are always excited to check out new earpods coming out but for past couple of years we have only seen manufacturers sticking to their same old designs for their respective earpods. Recently, Samsung took a shot and came up with an all new design for their Galaxy Buds Live which is also more powerful and beautiful compared to the previous version of Galaxy Buds.

Moulded like beans all new Galaxy Buds Live released in August, 2020 is the successor of the Buds+ that came out in February, 2020. The new Buds live has an iconic design that fits in your ears and is shaped to provide ergonomic comfort. More than just the design, Samsung also optimized the sound and mic quality on the Buds while adding the advanced ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature.

Samsung Galaxy Buds live

Know more about Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

The eye-catching Design of Buds that reminds us of beans does make it look really different from any other true wireless earpods in the segment. With a jewellery-box inspired case and all glossy finish, Buds Live comes in 4 different colors to choose from.

Mystic Bronze | Mystic White | Mystic Red | Mystic Black

Galaxy Buds Live colors

Hardware Features

Sound through 12mm speaker which is powered by AKG. Also, the speaker benefits from the large driver and bass duct that lets the air flow while emitting the deep bass. You can experience the clear and crisp sound from the speaker through the reduced occlusion air vents that lets the audio flow seamlessly.

When it comes to microphone Samsung had disappointed us with Buds and Buds+ mic quality but that might not be the case with Buds live, there are 3 Mics (2 Outer + 1 Inner) integrated with a Voice pickup unit which sense your jaw movements and vibrations while you are talking further converting this data to voice signals assisting to enhance the sound quality that passes through your mic.

Buds Live comes with similar touch sensors and an added option for assigning the shortcut for playing your Spotify playlist which can be configured from the Samsung’s wearable app. Bixby is just a voice command away to help you manage your calls, adjust the volume or check the weather while on the move. But hey, do you really use Bixby?

Galaxy Buds Live

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

Galaxy Buds live is an open type earpod which doesn’t seal off our ears like the Galaxy Buds+ & Galaxy Buds from the past but with the ANC feature Samsung really took care of keeping the background noises out so that you can enjoy your favourite music or podcast. 

ANC is configured in a way that keeps out the Low Frequency sounds like vehicle noises when you are outside or vacuum cleaner sounds when your inside your house and can easily hear the High Frequency sounds of door-bell or voices of people around you. So, you hear more of what you want to hear.

Battery Life

When both the case and earpods are at 100% power, the battery can last up to 29 hours and playing non-stop for 8 hours when the buds are at full power. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Case itself holds two additional charges for earpods and the case can charge using wireless charging pad or a Type-C cable. Samsung also claims that a 5 min charge can give you up to 1 hour of playtime.

Battery life with different earbuds settings:

6 hours/21 hours with case. (ANC + Bixby)

5.5 hours/20 hours. (ANC)

8 hours/29 hours. (ANC + Bixby off)

App Connectivity

Galaxy Wearable app is integral to the buds use. Wearable App will also give you a small preview on how to wear your buds live and will help to set up the sound in different presets. You can also toggle ANC option on or off, choose what tapping on the Galaxy Buds Live does and update your buds from the app.

One single tap on each bud will pause or resume playback. A double tap will prompt the next song; triple tap the previous one. You can customize what tap and hold does on each bud – it can bring up Bixby, Spotify, increase and decrease volume or activate or disable the noise cancellation.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The Galaxy Buds live will cost you $170 or you have an option to pay $7.10/Month for 24 months using Samsung financing.

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